Investment Philosophy

Blue Water Energy partners with talented and ambitious management teams to build world-class energy companies

Blue Water Energy partners with talented and ambitious management teams to build world-class energy companies

Target investment of $150million per company

Buy-and-build focus

Initial commitment up front followed by bolt-on acquisitions and growth capital as needed

  • Buy and build growth strategy

    We believe that a combination of organic and acquisitive growth in the middle market energy space represents the optimal way to build operationally and financially strong international companies of scale in a cyclical industry.

  • Proven and repeated strategies

    Blue Water Energy believes in deploying proven strategies, often with repeat management teams, where experience and insight into the energy business can unlock full potential and lead to significant growth.

  • Partner with seasoned management teams

    We invest in partnerships with experienced management teams that have a track record of value creation and wish to grow their businesses alongside value-adding partners.

Focus on three subsectors

We focus on three strategic energy sub-sectors that provide a balanced portfolio of stable, cash-generative and growth-orientated businesses across the supply chain while also retaining a strategic interest in the underlying hydrocarbon resource. Our target sub-sectors are:

  • We understand the unique risks and challenges facing exploration & production companies and take a long term view when we invest in E&P opportunities. We seek to partner with management teams who have a track record of technical and operational excellence in the E&P sector. We understand that E&P opportunities are global in nature and we are prepared to follow the best-in-class teams in pursuit of differentiated opportunities.

  • We recognise the opportunity for mid-market energy companies to thrive in an environment characterised by increasingly complex and costly operations and developments, an increasing focus on health and safety requirements, rapid expansion of subsea systems, and a general outsourcing trend to top tier independent providers. Our areas of focus include:

    • Production services
    • Equipment manufacturers
    • Operations and maintenance
    • Offshore and onshore engineering and construction
    • Equipment and service rental
    • Subsea equipment and services
    • Drilling and decommissioning services
    • Technology enhancements
    • Outsourcing of oilfield services and equipment manufacture
  • Due to geographic imbalances, global commodity flows are evolving and increasingly complex. A combination of ageing infrastructure in Western markets (due in part to under-investment) and a lack of significant infrastructure in emerging markets is generating substantial opportunities because of this market dislocation. Our areas of focus include:

    • Storage, logistics and transportation
    • Engineering and construction
    • Equipment manufacturers