Because Blue Water Energy will understand your business, the challenges you face and the opportunities you pursue.

Long term capital investment, in-depth sector experience and a wide network of contacts in the energy space: the unique Blue Water Energy proposition to help you grow your business.

Blue Water Energy’s Partnership Blueprint with Management

Task Management's Role BWE's Role
Buys Management's Role
  • Develop strategic plan for the business
  • Drive market insight and opportunity
  • Enable the diligence process and highlight areas of focus
BWE's Role
  • Invest alongside management as an entrepreneurial partner
  • Leverage sector knowledge to complement management business case
Focus / Grow Management's Role
  • Optimise existing business footprint
  • Pursue organic growth opportunities, “inside the fence”
  • Deliver high IRR capex opportunities
BWE's Role
  • Finance organic growth opportunities
  • Open up business network to enhance existing offering
  • Support management in review of business
Expand Management's Role
  • Prioritise bolt-on acquisition opportunities
  • Lead commercial acquisition discussion and negotiation
BWE's Role
  • Enable buy-and-build strategy through linking sector knowledge with strategic capital
  • Align with management on terms and direction
Realise Management's Role
  • Drive business growth to deliver plan
  • Represent the company in private and public markets
BWE's Role
  • Provide finance / M&A expertise to execute realisation
  • Position for exit that works for all parties

We are aligned with management

  • BWE aligns its interests with management teams in partnerships designed to create value through buy-and-build platform expansion
  • BWE sits on the same side of the table as management

We can deliver a transaction with certainty

  • Quick decisions: our investment committee consists of three London-based partners primed to make decisions swiftly throughout the due diligence period.
  • Minimal disruption to your business: we apply our significant experience in the energy space to execute due diligence rapidly.

We are growth oriented / focused

  • We have a long and successful track record of working alongside talented management teams who seek stable, long term capital to execute their growth plans.
  • We are partners, not owners: your management team retains control over operations and value creation.

We have experience in the energy and private equity sector

  • Our founding partners have on average over 25 years of experience in buying and building lasting, value-enhanced businesses across the private equity and capital markets industries.
  • Acquisitions strategy enabler: we understand the energy business and align with management to drive a buy-and-build approach.
  • We complement the operational skills of your management team with our financial resources and expertise to realise business expansion.
  • Our capital markets expertise can help further grow and position your business in global financial markets.

We have deep industry knowledge and relationships

  • We enjoy strong relationships with strategic players across the energy supply chain – both customers and buyers – and can use them to introduce complementary depth and knowledge to your company.
  • Our unique network in the international energy markets can help unlock the growth plans of your management team.