Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Responsible investment is a core principle of Blue Water Energy as we work to build world-class energy companies.

Ours is a sustainable strategy: we routinely work with companies within our portfolio to promote the principles of ESG, understand their individual priorities and support their activities in the long term.

We take an integrated approach, promoting a culture of communication, engagement and transparency across all stakeholders, and encourage the sharing of best practice. This is further underpinned by a formal BWE roadmap which sets out how our interlinked practices and processes – inherent to our portfolio – direct us towards a first-class ESG environment.

It is also knowledge-based: with our specialist experience, international reach and diverse industry partnerships, we understand the ESG imperatives of the international energy sector.

It is not an ancillary consideration: ESG informs our thinking as we analyse potential investment opportunities, as we make decisions on those opportunities and as we first engage with portfolio companies.

We devote time, deliberation and resources to ESG because we appreciate how it can directly influence long-term company value.

But we also do it because it is the right thing to do in the modern-day commercial world: businesses can make a tangible contribution in safeguarding our environment, supporting local communities and promoting the principles of good governance. We believe the dividend of good ESG practice extends beyond material interests.

We are committed to a fair and sustainable future

Responsible Investment

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

Vision Statement

Blue Water Energy (BWE) believes that responsible investment is core to our firm’s ambition: to build world-class energy companies. We recognise that ESG can influence long-term company value and that it is in the best interest of our investors to incorporate ESG into our investment analysis, decision-making and portfolio company engagement processes.

Policy Scope

This Responsible Investment policy applies to all of BWE’s investments.

In cases where BWE determines that it has limited ability to conduct diligence or to influence and control the integration of ESG considerations in the investment (for example in cases where BWE is a minority shareholder) reasonable efforts will be made to encourage these portfolio companies to consider relevant ESG-related policies.

Management of ESG

BWE’s ‘buy and build’ strategy includes consideration of material ESG aspects for all potential investments. For the purposes of this policy, ‘material ESG’ topics are defined as those which BWE considers have the potential to, or will, create, preserve or erode portfolio company value. BWE’s understanding of energy sector ESG priorities is founded on BWE’s deep energy sector and geographical expertise and our investment partnerships with seasoned management teams and external ESG advisors.

We seek to engage with our portfolio companies to understand their ESG priorities, provide support as appropriate to drive improvement initiatives on material ESG topics, and to share best practice within the BWE portfolio.

Organisational Arrangements

The investment team is responsible for considering ESG in investment decisions and for ongoing portfolio company engagement regarding ESG matters through Board-level representation. Additional external ESG support is sought by BWE and our portfolio companies as required.

BWE’s Chief Financial Officer serves as the firm’s ESG Officer, reporting in to BWE’s Partners on ESG matters.


We are an active and responsible owner and promote uptake of this Responsible Investment Policy and the adoption of appropriate and company-specific ESG policies by our portfolio companies.

BWE and our portfolio companies operate in compliance with national and local anti-bribery and corruption, environment, health, safety and social laws and regulations.

Monitoring and Reporting

BWE encourages portfolio company management to identify and raise material ESG matters and performance to relevant decision makers, in addition to maintaining regular communication with BWE Board representatives regarding such ESG topics and improvement initiatives.

BWE is transparent in its approach to incorporating ESG through the investment cycle and shares updates on progress and outcomes with our investors at least annually through both formal and informal mechanisms.

We encourage our portfolio companies to develop their own reporting to stakeholders on relevant ESG matters as appropriate.

Concluding remarks

This Policy will be reviewed and updated as appropriate and is signed by BWE’s Founding Partners.

Our portfolio of investment companies consider ESG a part of their daily responsibilities.

We have a strong global portfolio and its benefits are significant. Watch the video to see the true power of our portfolio.

Education Funding

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Education Funding

For over 5 years, Unique Group has been supporting 50 schools through the EKAL Vidyalaya foundation, a registered non-profit service organisation dedicated to education and village development in rural India. It runs a non-formal education program that is run on the children’s terms - helping in eradicating illiteracy from rural and tribal India.

Unique Group believes that every child has a right to education not just in the form of a functional literacy, but also a child’s overall development and empowerment. The initiative to sponsor 50 schools per year is led by Harry Gandhi, CEO of UG, who along with a team of like-minded individuals and the staff of UG formed a group “Unique Friends Group” with one objective in mind: “If the child cannot go to school, the school must go to the child” as stated by Swami Vivekanandji.

Reduction of CO2 Emissions

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Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Through small-scale Distributed LNG Production, Galileo reduces the size of the gas volume by 600 times, facilitating its transportation through the Virtual Pipeline. Hence, a direct connection between gas sources and the people who benefit the most from a clean and cheap fuel – LNG, is established.

Through this pioneering technology, Galileo is actively working to reduce CO2 emissions through its Cryotrucks, which produce far greener, more efficient energy.

Environmental Risk Awareness Training

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Environmental Risk Awareness Training

Kentech has executed over 115 million man-hours globally and has never inflicted serious harm on the environment by its operating methods. All Group Environmental Objectives and Targets have been met by all regions and all Kentech-influenced Environmental Aspects have been reduced to a low significance by methods of systematic control. Kentech put particular focus on:

  • Professional environmental awareness training on VLA
  • Incentivised incorporation of environmental risk awareness and management
  • Online monitoring of environmental hazard observations
  • Waste stream management in all offices and projects monitored by auditing

Responsible Offshore Drilling

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Responsible Offshore Drilling

With a growing licence portfolio, Wellesley intends to operate several exploration wells in the coming years. The organisation’s HSE Policy ensures that operations are completed without harm to the people involved, without damage to the assets used and with minimum impact on the environment. A robust risk management system is used to identify, analyse, evaluate, treat and monitor risks in all projects that Wellesley participates in.

Safety Training with Reduced Footprint

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Safety Training with Reduced Footprint

3T is a technology focused organisation that uses training methods such as simulators, e-learning, virtual reality, iPads and integrated software to enhance the skills, knowledge and performance of energy sector personnel.

One example of this technology already being used in the field is the On-The-Rig (OTR) product – a mobile simulator using extremely realistic scenarios. OTR allows engaging training, competency and assessment to be conducted on-site, however remote the location, removing the need for personnel to be transported elsewhere for continuous learning and assessment. This keeps skills standards consistent and high in the most efficient way.

3T’s aim is to substantially reduce the amount of time and cost involved in managing skills and competencies, at the same time as delivering better trained personnel, improving levels of safety and increasing profitability.

"We believe that responsible investment is core to our firm’s ambition of building world-class energy companies."

Graeme Sword

Founding Partner

Our ESG Policy

Blue Water Energy (BWE) believes that responsible investment is core to our firm’s ambition: to build world-class energy companies. We recognise that ESG can influence long-term company value and that it is in the best interest of our investors to incorporate ESG into our investment analysis, decision-making and portfolio company engagement processes.

This Responsible Investment policy applies to all of BWE’s investments and covers:

  • Organisational Arrangements
  • Commitments
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Vision Statement
  • Policy Scope
  • Management of ESG
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Blue Water Energy has taken an active involvement in supporting local charities & community initiatives.

Through the support of Blue Water Energy and Tom and Helena Sikorksi, Moorfields Eye Hospital is pioneering research using next-generation sequencing technology into the treatment of retinoblastoma, the most common inherited cancer among children. As a result of this support, Moorfields hopes to develop more effective and less invasive treatments and enable earlier diagnosis, with the aim of targeted therapy.

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Greenhouse Sports is a London based charity that has set up a number of sports programmes across the city, focusing on engaging and supporting disadvantaged young people through sport. Studies have shown how sports education can have an impact on educational attainment, attendance and behaviour of young people.

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The Aberdeen and North Centre for Haematology, Oncology and Radiotherapy (ANCHOR) unit is an NHS department at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary which treats patients with all forms of cancer, leukaemia and benign blood disorders throughout the North-east of Scotland including Orkney and Shetland. Friends of ANCHOR was set up to directly support the ANCHOR unit by committing long-term funding to the following three areas: (1) non-NHS funded equipment, (2) Patient Wellbeing and (3) Local Research.

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Early Lives has been set up to improve care for babies, families and staff on the Neonatal Unit at UCLH. This is a collaboration between doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and parents of babies that have been cared for at UCLH. Early lives will continue to support research, improving facilities on the neonatal unit, supporting neonatal education for staff, as well as funding things that support the care of babies and families on the unit.

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Angus Carers Services is a network set up in Angus in order to support local young carers to enable them to feel valued and confident in their caring situation and to develop their own potential needs. Their aim is to improve the quality of life for all carers by providing information and advice service, support to careers at an emotion practical and social level.

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Serpentine’s School Programme has been developed to ensure the arts are linked to the wider curriculum throughout the school year and that young people have an opportunity to think creatively and work together with artists. The programme encompasses long term artist residencies, artist led youth programmes, workshops and visits to the Serpentine Galleries.

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We understand the importance of creating an ESG connection between a business and its people. That is why, for example, there is a BWE twist in the community dimension of our own ESG activities: each good cause we support has a direct link to someone in our team.

For specific enquiries, please contact charitiesinfo@bwenergy.com