Environmental Risk Awareness Training

  • The application of technology:

    Connecting up the Kentech world

  • The connectivity challenge


    •  International network of offices & scale of diversity:

    • 3,350 employees
    • 43 nationalities
    • Operating in 16 countries worldwide
    • 96% of workforce involved in field operations.

    The challenge:

    • Keeping everyone connected
    • Sharing information, experience and good practice
    • Workforce engagement in HSE considerations
    • People working away from home for long periods
    • Improving HSE culture
  • The Kentech solution: Employee Engagement APP - Workvivo - Desktop & Mobile

    • Communication game-changer

      • Desktop & Mobile

      • Ability to communicate across language, culture and geography – connecting the Kentech family.

    • Employees connect in real time

      • All employees submit a personal commitment.

      • All entries visible to all, regardless of role or location.

    • Groups & Discussions

      • Discussion on activities associated with ‘Zero In’ initiative, which has been set up to form a collective focus on individual HSE issues on a rolling basis.

  • Hse & Communication Outputs


    •  New dimension in Safety culture through technology

      Sharing of HSE lessons learned and the application of best practice through dedicated areas for to discuss incidents and near misses

      Although still in it’s infancy (launched in Dec 2018), one of the main objectives of the App going forward is to

    • Foster a global culture of communications
    • Care for Kentech people and their wellbeing.

Environmental Risk Awareness Training

The application of technology: connecting up the Kentech world

Many businesses with an international network of offices and bases face stern challenges when it comes to creating, and maintaining, a truly joined-up organisation.

Our leadership team appreciates how important it is to keep everyone connected: not only to share information, experience and good practice, but to promote a spirit of unity and common purpose across the business.

At Kentech we embrace a ‘family’ philosophy in our workforce engagement – not least as it applies to health, safety and environment – so such links become all the more important.

The Connectivity Challenge

That is why we decided to take on the connectivity challenge and deal with it in a practical but progressive way, with the introduction of an innovative internal communications tool.

We partnered with Workvivo and launched an employee engagement App that breaks down communications barriers for our geographically and culturally diverse workforce.

The scale of the diversity is evident in our business profile: we have a total of 3,350 employees, representing no fewer than 43 nationalities and operating in 16 countries worldwide. 96% of our workforce are involved in field operations.
Our employees – wherever they are based, whatever their role or level of seniority – can now connect

in real time to ensure we derive maximum benefit from lessons learned and the application of best practice, as we deliver best-in-class work for clients around the world.

It positions us to take our service delivery on behalf of clients to even higher levels of performance as we create – and draw from – this growing pool of enhanced knowledge and experience.

Accessed via desktop or mobile and with a built-in translation function, the platform allows for two-way communication in a safe and secure space. View the App in action.

The HSE and Communication Outputs

Its value lies in harnessing the power of technology not only to enable everyone across our business to reach out, but also to foster the values that shape our business. In particular, it has added a new dimension to our safety culture.

For us, safety is about more than recorded statistics – it is about promoting a set of shared principles; about looking out for each other and making sure everyone goes home safely at the end of the working day.

Each and every entry in the App is visible to everyone in Kentech, regardless of role or location, increasing Health & Safety awareness and sharing of information.

We Are Family Campaign

To that end, we launched our We Are Family campaign in 2018. It was welcomed across our business as a way to promote a sense of togetherness and mutual respect, which in turn serves to protect everyone working for Kentech.

As part of the campaign, we asked people across the company to write a personal safety commitment in 2018. Now, in 2019, with the help of the Workvivo platform, we have been able to reach even more of our employees. Everyone was asked to prepare their own safety commitment and share it with the rest of the organisation when we held our first Global Commitment Day in February.

It exemplified how this technological advance is helping to ensure the Kentech family delivers safely on behalf of clients as we look to sustain and enhance our service offering.

Making Space for Sharing

One section of the App, called Spaces, enables us to set up groups around specific topics.

These can be open to the whole organisation or defined groups of people and, reflecting our unremitting focus on safety, one of the first groups to be established allows for the sharing of lessons from any HSE incidents.

Its membership includes all our HSE teams internationally, but it is an open forum: anyone in Kentech can see notifications and join the group. It means, in effect, we have a dedicated area for people to share learnings from incidents and near misses. It also allows employees to discuss activities associated with our ‘Zero In’ initiative, which has been set up to form a collective focus on individual HSE issues on a rolling basis.

Other Spaces – including, for example, a private group in which our global HR teams draw on the knowledge and experience of counterparts across the organisation – are also now enhancing collaboration across the Kentech world.

‘The Workvivo App is a complete game-changer in terms of how our company is wired to communicate. We like to think we’re different and this App is another success story, differentiating us from our competitors.’

John Gilley, Chief Operating Officer


‘For the first time, we have the ability to communicate across language, across culture and across geography – we’ve connected our Kentech family.’

Sarah Kent, Chief Executive Officer


*Kentech provides engineering contracting services globally, working in some of the world’s harshest and most remote locations. As a privately-owned services provider, we offer multi-discipline engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance services across a range of energy and industrial facilities in key growth regions.