Upstream Equipment & Services

  • Unique Group

    Unique Group

    Investment Date: 16th July 2014

    Founded in 1993, Unique Group is a specialist in the provision of services, and the sale and rental of equipment, to the marine, diving, hydrographic, oceanographic, oil & gas, inspection and NDT market sectors. The group has an established manufacturing capability for the delivery of customised engineering projects worldwide. Headquartered in the Hamriyah Free Zone of the United Arab Emirates, Unique has earned a reputation for quality, innovation, service and speed of response and is always striving to improve its product and service offering. The Group’s operations are spread across the Middle East, USA, UK, South Africa, Nigeria, India and Singapore.

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  • 3T


    Investment Date: 2nd April 2015

    By creating the most advanced and flexible range of training solutions currently available, our goal is nothing less than the transformation of the entire global training sector. It is a goal we will achieve by enhancing the offering of businesses within that sector, boosting their efficiency and enabling them to provide an exceptional customer experience.

    Our solutions are also transforming the global energy industry. This we are accomplishing through the development of skills, knowledge and performance, which in turn are increasing business efficiency and driving higher standards of health and safety.

    But perhaps most importantly, we are delivering a better education for the workforce of tomorrow. And by providing improved access to the right facilities our ambition is to inspire and stimulate learning.

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  • Halvorsen Group

    Halvorsen Group

    Investment Date: 1st November 2013

    Halvorsen is a leader in the provision of offshore platform processing equipment and services to the international oil & gas industry. Companies within the Halvorsen Group specialise in pressure and temperature technology, energy recovery (WHRU), gas turbine technology, power packages, electrical switchboard systems, energy-efficiency systems and engineering services. The company is a pre-qualified, multi-discipline provider of process equipment to major oil companies, upstream equipment businesses and EPCIC contractors on a global basis. Halvorsen employs approximately 500 people and is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway.

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  • Excellence Logging

    Excellence Logging

    Investment Date: 24th July 2015

    Excellence Logging is a new oilfield service company providing surface data logging (commonly known as mud logging), slickline and geology consulting services in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and West Africa. The company is led by CEO Bruno Burban and is headquartered in London.

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  • Influit Production Solutions

    Influit Production Solutions

    Investment Date: May 2017

    Influit’s chartered engineers have direct experience in the provision of detailed engineering, conceptual projects, equipment design and procurement, and complete production facilities.

    We approach projects from a safety, environment, schedule and cost perspective, and provide the most practical solution.

    We offer an unrivalled level of experience, knowledge and skill within our range of core services and expertise: Early Production and Permanent Production Facilities, Marine Facility Topsides, and Water Production Facilities

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  • Rovop


    Rovop started in 2011 when the CEO, Steven Gray, founded the company after a 16 year career in oil and gas, energy and offshore industries. Today, Rovop is 100% focussed on the provision of ROV services to the, oil and gas, offshore wind, telecoms and power transmission industries. Along with the ROVs the company provides operators trained at its own specialised in house training facilities.

    The company operates a fleet of the worlds most advanced ROVs which increased to 24 from 16 as part of the investment from Blue Water Energy.

    Headquartered in Aberdeen and with an office in Houston USA, Rovop currently employ over 180 people.

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